3 Secrets to a Great Marriage Newly Weds Should Know

3 Secrets to a Great Marriage Newly Weds Should Know

Raising a family is tough. It entails being a good a husband, a father and a rock star in the office, all within the 24 hours of your day. Most of time you’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to do accomplish everything on a daily basis. Time management has always been a paradigm but here are some sure fire tips to help you along the way.

1. Learn How to Manage Your Energy

learn to manage energy

Time is finite resource. Energy on the other hand is a different story. Energy comes from four main sources the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You have to identify the energy depleting activities you do and transform your life. Managing your energy means prioritizing important things to spend your energy on and making sure that you constantly refill your energy, may it be via sleeping right, eating healthy or early morning walks. Boost your energy: you might be surprised at how these small things when put together could impact your daily energy level.


2. Focus on Outcome not just Activities

outcomes from family bonding

When planning family gatherings or activities always consider the outcome. Focus on preserving and strengthening family bonds. The simplest example is breaking bread together. Family dinner is a means to connect, exchange stories. Sometimes the simplest activities like this has gives the best outcome and let us not forget that exchanging good laugh over the dinner table is one of the best stress relievers.

3. Prioritize Family before Friends, Marriage before kids

Family first

It is a given that it should always be Family before friends. How about when it is your spouse and the kids? There are families wherein kids come first. Unfortunately they become the substitute source of love, we have to remember that our kids eventually grow up and move out. Always remember who you started this family with. Take care of your support system, your better half and she will take care of you. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, Happy life.”





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