Enduranz (3 boxes)

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+ Bundled of 3 boxes
+ 10 capsules per box
+ 350 mg per box
+ Eurycoma longfilia (Tongkat Ali or Long Jack)
+ Lagerstroemia speciosa (Banaba)
+ Moringa oleifera (Malunggay)
+ Centella asiatica (Takip Kuhol or Gotu Kola)

Intake: Thrice a day, 1 capsule 10 minutes before every meal

Availability: Available in all Mercury outlets, Watsons, South Star, The Generics Pharmacy, Rose Pharmacy and other leading drugstores nationwide.


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*Also available in the US in all Seafood City stores


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Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement that helps bring back the normal testosterone level that has declined with age. Studies shows that Tongkat Ali can help in male infertility problems and erectile dysfunction.

It is also proven that this kind of herb can produce arousal and sexual motivation.

Erectile dysfunction is common problem among aging males. About 40-70% of men ages 40-70 will have erectile dysfunction. This is common among men with heart disease, diabetes, and emotional problems.

With advancing age, a 10% decline of available active testosterone occurs every 10 years and becomes three times lower by the 60th birthday. By 80 years old the testosterone could have declined by as much as 50-70% relative to the level or amounts when males were 20 years old (andropause). This is due to testosterone bound in the blood stream and the progressive decline in the testosterone production by cells in the testis.

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