Weak Sperm

By James Ryan Toledo

Infertility for Filipinos and this condition has been attributed to a lot of unhealthy conditions that men encounter everyday. We have discussed low sperm count before, a condition when the ratio of sperm present in the semen is not enough to cause fertilization. This time around, what if the number or ratio of sperm is enough but the thing is, the sperm is weak?

This condition is known simply as weak sperm. As the name suggests, there may be enough sperm in the semen but not all have what it takes to swim through the female reproductive tract and fertilize the egg. Weak sperm indicates either unfit or even abnormal sperm (those with no heads, short tails etc.)

Weak sperm though is not synonymous to infertility. It only means that the fertilization may be delayed or the occurrence of fertilization may be decreased. Thus, the quality of a man’s sperm is also important as with the quantity.

Weak sperm is linked to a number of causes: the frequency of ejaculation, the intake of harmful chemicals and diet. Let us discuss frequency of ejaculation first. A study shows that a man that ejaculates less per week happens to have more quality sperm than those that ejaculate frequently throughout the week. The frequency not only includes the number of time a man ejaculates through sexual intercourse but also through some other means such as masturbation and an extraction of sperm during donation. So in improving sperm quality, a little abstinence does help.

Chemicals are also a factor in the occurrence of weak sperm. Studies show that farmers and pesticides manufacturers are prone to developing weak sperm. Three chemicals are identified to cause this: atrazine, alachor and diazinon. These chemicals are now under review and may be banned as soon as they are found to be thoroughly detrimental to men’s reproductive health.

Diet also plays a role in the development of weak sperm. It is found out that men with high fat and protein diets are more prone to this condition than those who follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

So next time that you’re planning to have another child and you suspect that you have weak sperm, consider the factors above. Exercise and proper daily physical activities as well as avoidance of alcohol, prohibited drugs and smoking also leads to the improvement of sperm quality.

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