About Enduranz

          Enduranz Capsule for Men is a multi -herb natural food supplement containing Tongkat Ali, Banaba, Malungay, and Gotu Kola. These herbs restore male energies that had been lost over years.

Its main ingredient, Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement that brings back the normal testosterone level that has declined with age. It can help in male infertility problems and erectile dysfunction. It is also proven that this kind of herb can produce arousal and sexual motivation.

Malungay is known to have anti-oxidant properties and has high calcium content. Banaba improves glucose and metabolism, while Gotu Kola is known to be an aphrodisiac because of its capabilities to enhance mental abilities, improving blood circulation, wound healing, anti-stress and works against rheumatism. With all of these in one capsule, you can get a healthy body while enjoying your manhood.

Avail in all Mercury Drug, Watsons, and in all leading drugstores in the Philippines. Buy online at http://www.gonatural.com.ph/buyenduranz.html

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