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The Unique Multi-herb Ingredient of Enduranz Capsule for Men is Known to:

Increase Libido
Improve Testosterone Level
Increase Sperm Count

Lower Hypertension
Normalize Lipid Metabolism
Lessen Oxidative Stress

Heal Inflammation
Cure Hiccups
Improve Blood Circulation

Treat Bloated Stomach
Enhance Memory

“2 years ago, my husband and i planned to have a child but there always seems to be a problem, so upon looking for answers we found this product and give a try, and this really makes a lot of difference, and just happy to say that we’ve been blessed to have a child and now we are planning to have another baby!  :D”

Sparkle Magsaysay

Mandaluyong City

“It so very effective.. When my husband takes this.. He’s very active and always in a good mood.”

Jennifer Lazarte

Enduranz Capsule for Men

is Nature’s Fertility Capsule

Enduranz Tongkat Ali Fertility Capsule

1 in 6 Couples is Infertile and 1 in 25 Males is Infertile


With the current modern lifestyle, we can see that stress is the number one cause of infertility.

Picture this:

A long day at work with your boss breathing down your neck. Battling traffic and commuter woes on the way home. Getting home late to a wife eagerly anticipating to see her husband.

Once you step inside the house, you take your clothes off, jump on the bed, kiss the love of your life… and then sleep the day’s stress away.

Not exactly a formula for a long night of getting busy under the sheets.


Infertility Causes a Many of Pains

than We Think


  • Infertility Cuts into Man’s Masculinity
  • Infertility Can Lead to Issues of Shame and Embarrassment
  • Infertility Can Lead to Anxiety for Inability to Continue Family’s Genetic Line
  • Infertility Can Lead to Feelings of Worthlessness
  • Infertility Can Lead to Marital Problems
  • Infertility Can Lead to Sexual Dysfunction
  • Erectile Dysfunction Can Lead Sex as a Performance Rather than a Loving Act


Introducing Enduranz Capsule for Men

Nature’s Fertility Capsule


Enduranz is a unique proprietary blend of these four active ingredients, Tongkat Ali, Banaba, Malunggay and Gotu Kola to effectively restore your Male Energies.


Now You Can Increase Your Sperm Count

and Improve Sperm Motility


Enduranz Capsule for Men is Nature’s Fertility Capsule because each capsule is quality assured and is “Scientifically Fingerprinted” with its ingredients:

  • Tongkat Ali, a popular Southeast Asian herb traditionally used for vitality and energy. It is also a well-known aphrodisiac, increasing male libido and testosterone level resulting to higher sperm counts and improved motility.
  • Banaba, a medicinal plant containing corosolic acid that helps lower blood sugar level;
  • Malunggay, a superfood containing plenty of vitamins and minerals, with leaves used as remedy for a number of ailments including asthma and rheumatism; and
  • Gotu Kola, a medicinal herb used by Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine for a number of illnesses, including mild stimulant for mental clarity. It also acts as an effective aphrodisiac by helping blood to circulate more to the penis.


The Unique Blend Holistically Help Reverse Infertility Naturally

Get Back That:

  • Confidence in Your Manhood
  • Higher Self-esteem
  • The ability to continue your genetic line
  • Feeling of Self-worth and Significance
  • Happiness and Completeness in Marriage
  • Sexual Drive and Intimacy

Don’t let infertility steal your ability to build a family. Enduranz is Nature’s Fertility Capsule you can trust.

No Hype Tips How to Increase Your Sexual Stamina

  ”How can I last longer in bed?” This is a question that almost all men have encountered at the least once in their life. Most guys have the goal of making their partners feel good in the sack. Let us admit it, intimacy and sex go hand in hand in keeping a marriage alive. When men feel like they have failed to satisfy their partners in bed, it can make them feel quite uncomfortable. Don’t worry, the good thing is that there are a lot of tips that will help you increase your love-making endurance.   What You Eat Affects Your Stamina – Know Secret Foods This may seem like a cliché, but what you put in as fuel affects what your body puts out. Let’s look at specific food, fruits, and vegetables, and how it helps in getting you all fired up and ready for some action.   Watermelon has citrulline, which stimulates the production of nitric oxide. This, in turn, improves blood circulation.   Ginger and garlic are staples in most Filipino cuisines, and is actually good for sexual health. According to the International Journal of Cardiology, garlic improves your sex life by helping good blood flow. The same applies to ginger which research shows can helps prevent fatty arteries.   Chili or sili has a chemical called capsaicin, which increases circulation. This means getting blood flowing in the erogenous zones of the body, stimulating pleasure.   Both salmon and nuts are great sources of Omega 3 which is also key for a healthy heart.   Oysters and horseradish (malunggay) are natural sources of Zinc. Zinc... read more

3 Secrets to a Great Marriage Newly Weds Should Know

Raising a family is tough. It entails being a good a husband, a father and a rock star in the office, all within the 24 hours of your day. Most of time you’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to do accomplish everything on a daily basis. Time management has always been a paradigm but here are some sure fire tips to help you along the way. 1. Learn How to Manage Your Energy Time is finite resource. Energy on the other hand is a different story. Energy comes from four main sources the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You have to identify the energy depleting activities you do and transform your life. Managing your energy means prioritizing important things to spend your energy on and making sure that you constantly refill your energy, may it be via sleeping right, eating healthy or early morning walks. Boost your energy: you might be surprised at how these small things when put together could impact your daily energy level.   2. Focus on Outcome not just Activities When planning family gatherings or activities always consider the outcome. Focus on preserving and strengthening family bonds. The simplest example is breaking bread together. Family dinner is a means to connect, exchange stories. Sometimes the simplest activities like this has gives the best outcome and let us not forget that exchanging good laugh over the dinner table is one of the best stress relievers. 3. Prioritize Family before Friends, Marriage before kids It is a given that it should always be Family before friends. How about when it is your spouse and the... read more

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We support local farmers and producers by producing high quality, branded, clinically tested and FDA approved natural food supplements that can be marketed globally.

As seen on:

“Its an effective one. I found that my husband is more active than before.”

Noveh Geronda

Fortune Packaging Corp, Cebu City

“My husband is taking this supplement. it helped us to have a better intimate bonding time.”

Michelle Calabroso

Taiyo Yuden Phil Inc, Cebu City

“I gave this product to my dad who is currently experiencing andropausal stage. He is quite sensitive at times and this supplement improves his daily moods.”

Michelle Anne Sy